Laura Marling on Joni Mitchell

Laura Marling brunette We know Joni Mitchell Week was last week, but we’ve just had this submission from one Laura Marling, who’s been busy galavanting all over the States, and we just couldn’t leave it out. Laura’s said on many occasions that Joni’s a big influence, having been introduced to Joni’s records by her music-loving father. Over to Laura to tell you about her favourite Joni Mitchell album and single.

Laura says: “Court and Spark was the first album I owned that I listened to over and over. Its actually quite easy listening, the lyrics are simple but striking and the craftsmanship of the entire album is really special. She bridges a few gaps between genres she later went into with more depth, so it’s the one I always come back to, but it’s closely followed by Blue and Hejira.

“I remember my father playing me Same Situation when I was a nipper, and saying how nobody since has done melodies as well as Joni Mitchell. I concur. The thing that most affected me was just her resonance, and that is something she must have been born with.”

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