NBP standouts Erica Buettner, Blue Sky Archives and Thiago Pethit bring us new music + the latest from BOBBY

Taking their cue from the proverbial buses, New Bands Panel alumni are coming along in threes. In the last couple of weeks, a trio of the artists who featured on our 2010 Best of playlist have announced new releases, so here’s a quick catch-up on what they’re up to.

Erica Buettner, the Paris-based American singer-songwriter who wooed us last year has this week released her debut album True Love & Water via her bandcamp page, and you can hear it here.

Buettner, who draws her influences from the likes of Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan, has recorded the album with Parisian songwriter Pierre Faa.

Much further away than Paris is Sao Paulo, home to the growing reputation of Thiago Pethit. The songwriter has taken his next big step by recruiting actress Alice Braga – who featured in the likes of City of God and I Am Legend – to appear in the video for his song ‘Nightwalker’.

Check out the results below.

Last, but far from least, Glasgow’s Blue Sky Archives have released their second EP Plural, which is available to now at their bandcamp page. You can hear it here.

Elsewhere, some of you may remember last month me getting massively excited by the first sounds to have come along from Partisan Records signees BOBBY. They’ve now announced their debut album will be along in June, and to tempt us further, offered up a second track. After the bewitching ‘Sore Spores’ comes ‘Groggy’. Enjoy.