Blog | Ian’s Record Store Day: 7 shops. 22 records. 23.5 hours.

Ian ParkerIan Parker, Albums Editor extraordinaire, is uncontested for the title of For Folk’s Sake’s resident physicals enthusiast.

While some of us were busy watching Johnny Flynn’s baby singing his dad’s songs or pretending to be this guy, Ian was freezing in the line outside Piccadilly Records to try to pick up the WHOLE of the FFS RSD2013 Shopping List, and much more besides.

Like David Attenborough tracking a pygmy elephant through the Bornean jungle, we followed Ian’s progress this Record Store Day…

6pm, Friday 19th April: Heads to Manchester to sleep on a pal’s couch ready for the big day.

10pm: Early night

1.30am, Saturday 20th April: Exremely early morning.

2am: Joins the queue outside Piccadilly Records. Waits nervously. The 2am arrival was only good enough to secure the 36th place in Picadilly’s queue.  “I was closer to the front in 2010, when I got here at 8,” he tweets forlornly.

2.14am: “The endless process of explaining to passing drunks what #RSD2013 is all about is well under way. With limited success.”

3.56am: “It was nice of harmonica man to come by and serenade us again. He was here much earlier than last year as well.”

7.59am: Our intrepid forager can be seen in this video jumping up and down at around the 3m10s mark.

8am: Ian gets into Picadilly Records. Seems pretty happy to be a. warm and b. in the presence of the records.


The Haul: Brendan Benson, Nick Cave, Hold Steady, Inspiral Carpets, Leisure Society, Rolling Stones, Shearwater + Sharon Van Etten, Dark Dark Dark, Darren Hayman, Willy Mason and Brendan Benson, Primal Scream, Pulp, Smoke Fairies, Tame Impala, Admiral Fallow, White Stripes, REM plus the 3 Beta Band EPs

8.55am: Ian has acquired 100% of his shopping list. Hometime, right? WRONG! his day has only just begun…

9.20am: A nice chat with the guy in Vinyl Revival, who used to own Crocodile Records, the now sadly closed record shop inside Manchester Students Union.

9.40am: Then off to Beatin’ Rhythm to say ‘hullo’ and continue the search for this on 7″. Alas, still no joy on that front.

Jumbo Records

Ian at Jumbo Records

10:00am: Vinyl Exchange on the hunt for this.

10:30am: Record Fair at the Brittania Hotel. Still no sign of Sinatra or his Sands.

11:11am: All aboard the train to Leeds.

12:20pm: Joins the back of the remaining queue outside Crash Records where he adds to the haul with David Bowie’s ‘Drive-In Saturday’ picture disc.

1:20pm: Jumbo Records, where he buys his sole non-RSD release of the day, Brother Jack McDuff’s Tobacco Road.

2pm: Relics Records – one last (sadly fruitless) hunt for Ol’ Blue Eyes.

5.30pm: Home after 7 shops and 22 records.