#522 James Yorkston – Great Ghosts

The first single off James Yorkston’s forthcoming album The Cellardyke Recording And Wassailing Society (a jolly collaboration with a host of good Scottish people) is a mellow, sauntering piece of pop.

With a visually addictive bloodied monochrome marvel of a video to accompany it, ‘Great Ghosts’ will hypnotise you into a gentle smile and a general sensation of blithe wellbeing. It’s full of skulls and goring and sinisterly nodding ladies though, so if you’re smiling you’re actually a horror. Clean your brain out and watch it again.

Yorkston’s got a host of shows lined up for the coming months, some with his posse and some without.  The Cellardyke Recording and Wassailing Society is out on 18th August. His website will be happy to tell you about all of those things.