Wye Oak

Album: Wye Oak – Civilian

Listening to Wye Oak’s third full-length release, one conclusion among many confusions is apparent: when they’re good, they’re great. For a so-called indie-folk duo, though, it’s maybe surprising that the key component of Civilian is its unrelenting tautness. It offers…

FFS Interview: Wye Oak

Baltimore duo Wye Oak have just released one of the best albums of this year, The Knot could win over the sternest of souls. After self-releasing their debut, they’re now signed to the legendary Merge Records, home to the such luminaries as Arcade Fire, Conor Oberst and Neutral Milk Hotel. The long-time friends answered FFS’s questions about all things Wye Oak.

Album: Wye Oak – The Knot

Every so often an album comes out of nowhere and absolutely blows your mind in such a way that you wonder how you even survived without it. Instantly you get a connection with it and it rings so true that you wonder if this band was made entirely for you. And according to Wikipedia- as if to make them even more impressive- Andy Stack plays drums and the bass lines at the same time at gigs. Again, this is Wikipedia… but if true, wow.