Liz Green

Interview | The Mystical, Marvellous Liz Green

For Folk's Sake | Liz Green | Haul Away

Liz Green creates awesome, disturbing, strange worlds in her own particular, timeless way. She twists and flips her way through eccentrically created vistas, breathing life into strange individuals and creating music that is both fascinating and astonishingly good. Her second…

#387 Liz Green – Rybka

For Folk's Sake | Liz Green | Haul Away | Rybka

Liz Green makes ‘tragicomic pop’ that imagines a dark, horribly grown-up fairytale realm of terrifying creatures and sinister folk. She’s into goblins and writes about blood rather a lot, and we love it all. ‘Rybka’ is a bluesy story of…