Live: Sparrow & the Workshop @ Wimbledon Watershed

Each musician in Sparrow & the Workshop brings their own musical ingredient. Frontwoman and acoustic guitarist Jill O’Sullivan’s country vocals are cuttingly pure — but more haunting banshee than soothing angel. Gregor Donaldson is a phenomenal drummer, his dexterity is sometimes astonishing. As well as that he’s that most elusive of things, a singing percussionist, whose warm Scottish baritone adds harmonic depth to Jill’s vocals. Guitarist and bassist Nick Packer scuzzes things up nicely with a layer of distortion and noise.

Brian’s Mixtape #20: The Big Freeze

Brr… it’s cold. Being a sensible sort of chap, Brian’s not going outside until all this horrid weather is over. You might think it’s better for owls, what with their ability to fly and all, but our poor mixtape maker faces the daily threat of having his wings frozen together and falling from the sky. Plop. Quite apart from being sore, it’d be awfully undignified, and Brian has a reputation to protect.

Instead he’s going to stay in with a delicious bowl of mouse soup and listen to the lovely tunes he’s cobbled together. Some about the cold and a couple that are just songs he’s discovered and loves.