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#191 Arcade Fire – Reflektor

Yes, we know you’ve probably heard it already. And no, it might not be folk music in the way you think of folk music. But if this isn’t the song of the day, what is? Arcade Fire are back. Give…

News | Arcade Fire confirm new album in slightly odd fashion

Arcade Fire are never a band to choose the obvious route, and so it was again as they announced seemingly to one randomly-selected fan on Twitter that their new album will be released in October. Replying to a fan, @fifferwright, who…

Playlist | Brian’s Mixtape #46: the Return of the Owl

Brian the playlist-making owl is home for 2012 and returning to For Folk's Sake

Our pompous old playlist-making owl Brian is back. With some bombastic pose, dubious claims about his whereabouts in the past year and a playlist of 2011’s gems. How we’ve missed the silly thing.

Live | Arcade Fire, Mumford & Sons, Beirut, The Vaccines, Owen Pallett @ Hyde Park, London, 30 June

Arcade Fire played a pleasing smattering of hits, the best for me being ‘Roccoco’ (lots of good ooh-ing from the crowd), ‘Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)’, which made me a bit teary, ‘Haiti’, ‘Intervention’, ‘We Used To Wait’, ‘Keep The Car Running’ and ‘Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)’. The band have written so many good songs, and seem to nail a half-disillusioned idealism that’s very definitive of music now, agreeing with Fleet Foxes in wanting to escape ‘the sprawl’ but not being sure if that’s possible. They’re also slightly in love with the dead shopping malls, the emptiness of the suburbs; their protesting edge is questioning, searching.