News | Arcade Fire confirm new album in slightly odd fashion

Arcade FireArcade Fire are never a band to choose the obvious route, and so it was again as they announced seemingly to one randomly-selected fan on Twitter that their new album will be released in October.

Replying to a fan, @fifferwright, who tweeted the band to tell them they were his favourites, the Canadians said: “@fifferwright Thanks. Our new album will be out October 29th.” And that, apart from this lovely picture, was that.

The new release, for which LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy has been helping with production, will be the band’s fourth album and their first since 2010’s The Suburbs. And forgive us if we’re more than a little bit excited about it.

So there you have it. Thanks Arcade Fire. And thanks @fifferwright.

Here, by way of celebration, is a video of Arcade Fire playing Wake Up with David Bowie.