Album | Lutine – White Flowers

Lutine White Flowers

White Flowers begins with ‘Espera’, which means waiting/hoping/expecting, and sounds like an open window on a cold sunny morning: bright, pure voices, and a buzzing hum which could be a harmonium or a discordant amp. The song lyrics throughout have…

Album | Ólöf Arnalds – Palme


Palme is short, compact, stunning. It’s a record a little like a music box, with ballerina popping up and spinning intoxicatingly, especially to those who let themselves become one with it. It’s like a fragile and wonderful little universe. Artists…

Album | Sean Rowe – Madman


Sean Rowe’s voice is an astonishing instrument. It has soul, it has a deep, warm, raw animal energy, and it has a magnificent bluesy timbre. Yet, it is also focussed and beautiful. It’s hard not to be totally overwhelmed by…