Album | Julianna Barwick – Will

Julianna Barwick cover

3 years on from the heavenly Nepenthe comes another instalment in what is becoming a familiar expedition to spectacular terrains. Will is a vehicle for voice, strings, and consuming electronic flourishes that combined take a hold of the listener. Barwick…

Album | Bob Dylan – Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels

Whether he’s electrifying his sound and revolutionizing rock and roll, taking things back down an acoustic notch or two to embrace his folk roots, or releasing a Christmas album to notoriously mixed reception, Bob Dylan has remained an unlikely trailblazer…

Album | Thomas Cohen – Bloom Forever


It’s impossible to listen to Thomas Cohen’s Bloom Forever with out mentioning the death of his wife, Peaches Geldof. The album, nine songs written between 2012 and 2015 are presented in chronological order with Geldof’s heroin overdose in 2014 being…