Album | Slow Club – Complete Surrender


Slow Club are on the cusp of becoming huge with their third LP, Complete Surrender; a more mature, fuller-sounding record than Paradise, and a million miles away from their debut, Yeah, So? Comprised of multi instrumentalists Rebecca Taylor and Charles…

Album | The Old 97s – Most Messed Up


Texas’ the Old 97’s have been gracing us with their special brand of country-flavoured indie since 1993. Six years after their last studio album, they return with their eighth, and have truly outdone themselves with Most Messed Up. Having listened…

Album | George Ezra – Wanted on Voyage


It’s hard to believe that George Ezra has only just celebrated his 21st birthday. Possessing a voice which sounds as if it has lived through a lifetime of whisky and cigarettes, Ezra’s gravelly intonation is perhaps his greatest strength; in…