#586 Family of the Year – Carry Me

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFzq-3qGli4&w=560&h=315]

Family of the Year were put on the map when their single ‘Hero’ was featured in the iconic outro scene of Oscar-nominated, Golden Globe winning film Boyhood. With a collected 90 million streams on YouTube and Spotify, ‘Hero’ became a Top 10 hit in Austria, Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland.

On June 3rd, Family of the Year will be releasing their self titled album. We got a sneak preview and are excited to choose the single of that album, ’Carry Me,’ as today’s Song of the Day.

‘Carry Me’ features folksy finger picking played beneath Joseph Keefe’s, co-founder of Family of the Year, ethereal voice. As the song amps up, this relaxed and laid back intro is juxtaposed with distorted rock guitar and beautiful lyrics, “You got the smile that I want to see, you’ve got the heart to carry me.”

Oh, and also, it’s worth mentioning the badass halftime part at the end with a really cool vocal round. What started out as a folky, lighthearted song, ends in pure rock with compelling vocals echoing the refrain.