#113 The Magnetic North – Hi-Life

Chances are you bought a copy of  Orkney: Symphony of The Magnetic North first time around when it was released last year because, y’know, why wouldn’t you have? If by any chance you missed it, there are a million reasons to buy it now that it’s getting a re-release. There’s FFS favourite Hannah Peel, who joins forces with Erland Cooper (of And The Carnival fame) and Simon Tong (of Verve fame). There’s the slightly bonkers backstory, which we won’t go into here but you can read about in this FFS interview. There’s the new documentary Hunting For Remoteness, which explores the background of the album and is included on the re-release. Most of all, though, there’s the music. New single Hi-Life shows off everything that is great about the album and is out today.