#5 Laura Marling – Where Can I Go?

If FFS could have picked any way to celebrate International Women’s Day, a new track from Laura Marling may well have been top of the list. And because sometimes the world is nice like that, that’s exactly what we got. ‘Where Can I Go?’, taken from her upcoming album Once I Was An Eagle, sees Marling’s subtle evolution as a songwriter and singer continue. Building on her Americana-tinged third albumĀ A Creature I Don’t Know, Marling and producer Ethan Johns saturate ‘Where Can I Go?’ with an upbeat organ sound which offers a counterpoint to lyrics which speak of late-night isolation. There’s more than a hint of soul to Marling’s vocals as she sings: “Late at night he’ll come to me and he’ll tell me I’m alone. Don’t you think I don’t already know?” before the song builds to a deliriously defiant climax.