Session | Basia Bartz – Careless Hunter

Today we’re very pleased to welcome Basia Bartz back for another session track. Basia brings us a original folk song, a tale of hunting and in turn being hunted by the prey. All very appropriate for Halloween.

The performance is Basia’s signature combination of vocals and violin all built up in layers and loops. If you enjoy this you should definitely check out her previous track for us, ‘Dark Horses‘.

Basia’s next solo gig is 9th November at Green Note in London. She also fronts a jazz trio, you can get a taste of that by searching for her recent “Cienia || Seeking Shade” release, and there’s a gig at the POSK Jazz Cafe on 9th December.

Virtually, you can keep up with Basia over on Facebook and Instagram. And find her music in all the normal places such as Spotify and Bandcamp