Session | Loris and the Lion – Breadcrumbs

And it’s hello to 2022! And the sessions of this new year kick off with ‘Breadcrumbs’ by Loris and the Lion. If you saw our best of 2021 roundup, I picked the band’s debut EP Jorinde and Joringel as one of my highlights. So, unsurprisingly, I’m extremely pleased we could get them in to play my favourite track live.

Loris and the Lion are Georgia Harris and Rich Bond and hail from Liverpool. The songs touch on fairytales, folklore, and classical references. The arrangements involve what we can only describe as a wide range of instruments, including piano, clarinet, harmonium, guitar (often bowed – keep an eye out for our second video if that sounds interesting), tenor recorder and a surpsising number of effects pedals for a folk band (again, stayed tuned). All are led by Georgia’s delicate vocals.

Do go and listen (and even better buy) the EP over on Bandcamp, or stream on Spotify. Keep up with them over on Facebook, Twitter and their new site all of their own.

This session track was mixed by Rich Bond at Wise Tree Studios

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