Session | Arcadia – Kelvin Davies

Today we bring you a session from Kelvin Davies playing the title track from his recent debut album Arcadia. This beautiful folk song features words from a poem by friend Henry Arthur Evans, and is played with Kelvin’s accomplished finger-style guitar which you can find throughout his work. Kelvin is accompanied by Gary Jones on harmonica. After meeting at an open mic night almost five years, the two just clicked and having playing and gigging together ever since.

The album has a mixture of styles, as well as folk there’s old-style (1920s-1940s) blues. In fact, the album was recorded in the same way as blues records from the time, with one microphone, one take, no overdubs, no multitracking. Kelvin also recorded one of his blues songs for us, and we’ll share that another day. In the meantime you can just listen to the album, which you should.

You can find Kelvin at all the normal places including Bandcamp, Facebook and Spotify