Session | Boat To Row – Moth To The Light

We’re really squeezing them in today as we welcome Boat To Row round for a session to play a track from their recent album Rivers That Flow In Circles. The song is a blast of psych folk with a wonky energy, slowing down just long enough to glide through a chorus or two before disappearing in an off kilter waltz, all in less than two and a half minutes.

Cramped studio conditions are one of the lesser problems the band faced this year. After raising money from their fans to record the album, the whole project was nearly lost in the PledgeMusic implosion before being rescued by the good people at Static Caravan. And I think we can all be very glad they did.

You can find the album over on Spotify, Bandcamp and various other places. Keen-eared listeners may pick out the vocals contributed by previous session guests Katherine Priddy and S. T. Manville.

And of course, you can keep up with the band over on Facebook.