EP: Shambles Miller Sails the Clockwork Sea

shambles-sails-the-clockwork-sea-ep-artShambles Miller’s Shambles Miller Sails the Clockwork Sea is a collection of four direct, glass-swinging ditties.  The EP lacks refinement, but makes up for it with plenty of chutzpah.

The opener, ‘Strike!’, is another volume in the proud tradition of union songs, that, in all honesty, that is not all that distinct from other songs of its kind.  This being said, ‘Strike!’ is a well-executed version of a traditional form, which is an accomplishment that is often more difficult come by than a song that sounds “new”.  Much like the tradition of the 12-bar blues, one can simply feel an earnest union song—and ‘Strike!’ is strong and heartfelt—singing “there are more of us than there’ll ever be of them”.

The other tracks would make for great beer-swinging in live setting, but the lyrics are quite direct and leave nothing to imagination.  ‘Things That Make Me Angry’ proceeds just as one would suspect—if one can manage its bluntness, the song is sincere and positive.

As said earlier, Shambles Miller’s energy is undeniable, but a bit more development is definitely in order.  ‘Strike!’ clearly speaks to this potential.

Words: Pablo Quesada