EP: Pete Roe — Merry-Go-Round

pete roe merry go roundWhen I was little I used to think that Merry-Go-Rounds were fun, yet as soon as I jumped on those golden sparkly horses I would feel disappointed because they wouldn’t take me anywhere far.

The Merry-Go-Round is Pete Roe’s first EP and on first listen you are transported to those tender years of curiosity and bliss and of realisations and disillusionments in our everyday trials and tribulations. Roe is known for collaborating and playing with Laura Marling and Johnny Flynn and is, in his own right, a storyteller on tears, laughter, break-ups and life decisions. He sings while he advises tenderly, like reading out letters to friends. His music has a dreamy quality; it is gentle, nostalgic and down to earth.

There is no rush in Roe’s work. It is as if he is happy to ponder on and pour out the sadness, the frustration or the worries, only because he knows very well that they have to be faced bravely to feel better and move on. ‘Bellina’ is delicate and uplifting while ‘Oh Susannah’ has a country-like quality with a serene air. The track however that brings across his style as a troubadour more perfectly is the title track ‘The Merry-Go-Round’, whereby his quiet articulate voice leads with a tranquil melody and his guitar blends into space like creamy paint on canvas. It is short, straightforward and sweet, showing us that sometimes, much less is so much more.