Single | Molly Murphy – Become a Stranger

It’s been one whirlwind of a year for Molly Murphy. At its start, the Fairfield, CT-gone-Nashville songstress released What You’re Living For. Her debut EP, its five tracks stand as instantly identifiable as Murphy gels into accessible, varied music with her gorgeous idiosyncratic lilt.

Now, the singer-songwriter is bearing her heart again with another recent release. ‘Become a Stranger’ is a standalone single that feels like a natural extension of the sincere songwriting present on What You’re Living For. A relatable folk strummer, the song deals with themes of running into someone who was close to you in the past. The song grows with a strong percussive backing and light tinges of ethereal production, though Molly’s signature voice remains at its center—and that’s money.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm