Single | Starla Starshine – Red Lagoon

Starla Starshine’s latest tune is pervaded by authenticity in a sense rarely observed, even in musical form. While, yes indeed, the indie rocker and psychedelic folkster’s transformation into both the Starshine moniker and the artistic expression to come with it speaks to another true side of her character, there’s a bit of something more beyond that, too. A mental health activist, Starshine related herself best to the misfits and outcasts as long as she could remember. That empathy pulsates through her latest release as a call for parents to let their children grow into their shoes their own way—to embrace their authenticity, quirks and all.

Starshine is clearly one who has long since flourished once liberated from the chains of societal expectation. Her new presence is as off the beaten path as it is real and visceral, taking the sincerest version of herself and projecting it out upon the cosmos for her audience to grasp. You needn’t go any further than pay ‘Red Lagoon’ an ear to ascertain as much. Emanating cool, ethereal tones and melodies in the wistful, mysterious atmosphere that it creates, Starshine is given ample room to entrance listeners in its gentle, spacial composition. The tune is from off of Starshine’s forthcoming debut EP of the same name, Red Lagoon, set for release in the not-too-far-away future.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)