Single | Alex Ileo – Go Alone


I am looking as we speak not at my computer keyboard (I can touch type), but at the new video, released last week of Alex Lleo’s track ‘Go Alone’. Filmed during his recent headline tour of Scotland, the video features, performance, beach and surfing footage shot in Stornaway on the Isle of Lewis, as well as Ullapool & Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands.

If the first time you hear Alex Lleo’s music you think of Bon Iver then you are not alone. He has been likened to Justin Vernon and others such as Ben Howard but for me there is also a lot more of a soul twist to Alex Ileo than those other artists and when you speak to Alex and ask about his influences this unique twist of sounds becomes clearer. He takes inspiration from Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Arcade Fire, ELO and the experimentation of David Bowie, and describes his creative process as “throwing the kitchen sink when no one’s looking and trying to rein it back a bit.” He may throw it all in but is astute enough to just keep the best bits and that makes the song and his voice shine through on ‘Go Alone’.

There is a mellow relaxed, free feel to Alex’s songwriting, melodies and vocals and ‘Go Alone’ captures that free beach, summer evening, around the fire at dusk. It is a great track and if you will excuse me I’m going to listen to it again.

Oh yes and any music video that has footage of surfing gets my vote everytime!

Words: Nick Bradford