Premiere | Palamara – Misunderstood

Photo: Salena McKenzie

Palamara’s A Voice in the Wilderness has a little bit of everything for those hoping to garner a tad more from their listening experiences than a cool beat or an undulating rhythm. The singer-songwriter’s music looks back at life’s larger moments while swimming in the rivers between, lying a tender focus down upon the thoughts and feelings we have in quieter times. With how raucous things can be in this era, sitting down in a patchy meadow and finding a means to meditate doesn’t sound like all that bad of a proposition. Those times, after all, are perhaps underrated in their innate ability to help us blossom.

This much is felt in the rollicking, soft-toned efforts of ‘Misunderstood’. Its indelible melodies brilliantly blend with Palamara’s relaxed vocal delivery. With some light tinges of psychedelia in its mix of keys and guitars driving it forward, too, it’s quite the enjoyable listen.

Beyond that, Palamara tells For Folk’s Sake, “I don’t know anyone that hasn’t felt misunderstood at some point in their lives. It’s not always easy to deal with, but it can be refreshing and empowering to know what is unique about yourself in comparison to other people. I tried to channel that feeling in this song and be a little irreverent at the same time.”

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)

Photo: Salena McKenzie