Watch | Mark Peters – ’24 Years’

Screenshot from YouTube

When first lending an ear to Mark Peters, you might be inclined to draw comparisons to the likes of Nick Cave, Phillip Phillips, or even early Ed Sheeran. Although the names of famous faces in pop and rock as these may draw their deserved collations, Peters finds himself primarily influenced by the gritty, homegrown blues and jazz that pervade the streets of his urban London upbringing.

One need not listen further than ’24 Years’ to garner that sort-of underground pluck from Peters’ work. The titular single from his newly released album, ’24 Years’ touts a spitfire rhythm that unmistakably calls back to his underground origins as a performer. Much of its accompanying music video sports urban imagery, as well, and its a delectable slice of infectious instrumentation and wordplay that we encourage our readers to pay their eyes and ears towards today.

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)