Premiere | Into the Ivy – ‘I Don’t Mind’

Photo: Glass Jar Photography

Years after his experiences on The Voice, Jordy Searcy seems to have found his voice with the beautiful folk stylings of his new project, Into the Ivy. Alongside producer and co-writer Whitney Dean, the two came to develop their new project out of a serious case of serendipity. Meeting by chance in Florence, AL during a show, Searcy and Dean’s Into the Ivy encompasses a shared artful taste in writing and performing organic acoustic music with a communicably heartfelt message.

Regarding Into the Ivy’s new single, ‘I Don’t Mind’, Dean tells For Folk’s Sake:

“When we sat down to write this song, It more or less just flew out. We usually start by talking about ideas for songs or things in our lives, but ‘I Don’t Mind’ honestly jumped to life from the guitar riff on the resonator. As soon as we had that, the lyrics came quickly. We had the idea for it to be about how anything someone does, or ‘just is’, makes things better when they’re around.”

“For example, it’s illustrated in the opening lyric: ‘See the smile on your face, and it makes the hard times ok, any time you’re near. Even when I’m down, I just need you around, then I don’t mind my love…’ Incredibly excited for the premiere, and honestly grateful for the experience of writing and producing Into The Ivy.”

Words by: Jonathan Frahm (@jfrahm_)