Single | Dark Model – Survivors

Japanese composer Tatsuya Oe is best known for the upbeat work of his original stage moniker, Captain Funk. In recent years, though, Oe has developed another alias to release music as. His latest project, Dark Model, is regarded as Captain Funk’s opposite as Oe chooses to embrace a sweeping, epic sound relative to orchestral scores in cinematic action films.

On Dark Model’s latest, Saga, coming March 24, Oe once again uses the moniker to weave an adventurous tale similar to the edgy anime that he often likens the development of his productions towards. ‘Survivors’ is one of Saga’s lead singles and features a compelling cross between electronic and classical music to create a world around Oe’s aural landscape. It’s a scintillating movement capable of weaving characters and a setting into place within the mind’s eye as you listen.

Even through his largely synthetic soundscape, Oe still manages to reflect the folk attitude of weaving a harrowing tale in his work. Reflecting upon the compositions which Saga encompasses, with each one, including ‘Survivors’, listeners can effectively design their own rollicking stories similar in vibe to sweeping action films.

Saga is out March 24 via Model Electronic. You can purchase it from Amazon upon release. For more on Oe, visit his official website!

Words by: Jonathan Frahm