Single | John Hickman – Hello Hello

Who needs an introduction to The Beatles? In just around a decades-long career together as a band, they revolutionized the popular music scene of the 60s and 70s with their sweeping, multi-faceted soft rock—so much so that, outside of Dylan, they’re often regarded unchallenged as the best songwriters of all-time. Given, music, in general, cannot escape their influence in one way or another, given their widespread appeal and just how much they had innovated sound, period, even when it’s entirely unintended. For John Hickman, though, he wears his 1960s vibe proudly on his sleeve, and with the ol’ Beatles’ influence in tow on his nostalgic new track, ‘Hello Hello’.

Even, at some point in the song, adopting the same crescendo from their own ‘Hello Goodbye’, Hickman is an unabashed 60s throwback, in part paying tribute to his influences as much as he aims to set himself apart from them. Despite the sunny radiance of the song that is sure to draw some comparison to the aforementioned megahit, Hickman attacks his ‘Hello Hello’ with a piano-based melodic stride, complete with strings and a rocking guitar-centric arpeggio. Call it somewhere between the 60s and 70s, with a bridge worthy of a Bowie B-side keeping the song going near its end.

The end result is a panoramic love letter to the world, and it’s accompanied by a gorgeous music video produced by the U.K.-centric studio Floating Goat Co.’s Liam Morgan. You can check it out below, and for more information on Hickman, feel free to visit his Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as his official website!
Words by: Jonathan Frahm