Single: Fanfarlo – Harold T. Wilkins

fanfarloThe latest babe to emerge from the Fanfarlo woods is young Harold T. Wilkins, and quite the fascinating song it is too.  Inspired by a British flying saucer obsessive of the same name, this song speaks not only to the sceptically treated spotter of extra terrestrials, but to any lad or lass who’s felt out of sync with the world in which they dwell.

Throughout, the single’s rhythm puts the listener in mind of the tick-tock of the happiest of clocks: perhaps one housing a happy wooden couple, or a selection of birds who enjoy marking the hour with charming squawks.  The clean, simple melody of the verses contrasts with the passionate thundering of the chorus:

In a town where everyone will kick and scream
And come to the same conclusion every time
Time to realise you were never on the team
There was always a question hanging over you
In a hot air balloon with a rusty nail
Looking over your shoulder and setting sail

The source of inspiration for this song is heavily alluded to in the fabulous eccentricity of its video, which you can watch here:

‘Harold T. Wilkins’, or ‘How to Wait for a Very Long Time’ is released on March 8th.

Words: Helen True