EP: Lissie – Why You Runnin’ (Fat Possum)

Lissie_EPCover_loSo I have been trying to figure out where I have seen this angelical face of Lissie, with this profound and roaring voice like a storm; and I can’t, for the love of me, remember at all. It is one of those trivial things that bugs like hell when you realize you have missed an opportunity to discover an amazing artist, if only a few days later. But it counts. Because I could have cycled to work feeling the cold air of the mornings on my skin while dreaming of yellow fields in Illinois swaying in a waltz along with the Spring breeze.

That, in essence, is the warmth you get when listening to this EP. Lissie’s songwriting is soulful, engaging, and light, despite her intensity in the singing. Each one of the songs, from ‘Little Lovin’ to ‘Oh Mississippi’, reverbs and seeps through to the core. Her arrangements of folk hand clapping, piano and crisp guitar set the mood to her sensitive, nostalgic and intuitive poetry. Her voice is an instrument itself, echoing in harmonies in a blank empty canvas of silence and peace.

It would be a mistake if you would be runnin’ away from this one.

Words: Liane Escorza