Album | Widowspeak – All Yours


The dream-pop stylings of Widowspeak are hardly unique but their particular approach – with a focus on well-crafted songs and heartfelt delivery – seems more honest than the long list of bands who create a wall of sound to hide behind. The result is that Widowspeak’s music feels both lovable and like your own little secret.

The romantically titled All Yours is the New York based duo’s third full length album, and a fairly low key one at that. It doesn’t demand too much and is quietly pleasant, if not ripĀ­-roaringly in your face. There is the occasional moment of magic, but it largely proceeds at a gentle pace.

With the cold on its way and winter rapidly taking away autumn’s breath, this does feel like a record which would have sparkled a little more in the summer sunshine, though it has time to convert itself into a faithful companion for the colder months to come.

The album’s centrepiece is the six-minute slow opus ‘Girls’. It has one of those intoxicating grooves which swallows you up whole, and it is such moments as these that convince you that there is so much more to learn about this album which will only be revealed with time. It is not music which will shatter any window,s but it is more than worth checking out.