Album | Ron Sexsmith – Carousel One


Ron Sexsmith has been around for an age now (well, 24 years since his debut – sorry Ron, we’re not meaning to rub it in), constantly knocking out great albums and somehow completely avoiding the commercial radar. It seems criminal, given he can seemingly pen a great tune in his sleep. He’s brought us a wealth of melodies and ideas, but it doesn’t seem to have the traits most look for in their music these days. So while critically acclaimed, he remains a cult song-writing figure, a secret, a treasure trove of delightful music.

Carousel One opens with ‘Sure As The Sky’ – a perfect window into his world with touches of the Beatles, Elliott Smith, Donovan, and pretty much anyone else who ever wrote a strong, addictive and beautiful melody. Sexsmith’s voice may never set the world alight, but it is full of honesty and sweetness, and the music he makes with it has a timeless quality. Indeed, a track like ‘Before The Light Is Gone’ can make you feel as though you have gone back in time. This is Sexsmith’s magic – to take us back in time to when music was simpler but no less wonderful.

Timeless is one word for Sexsmith, and consistent is another. Carousel One is another highly enjoyable record of his trademark laid-back style. Every couple of years he adds another splendid record to his canon, and while these don’t always get the attention they deserve, they are an undeniable gift of words and music. Whether you are happening upon him for the first time or coming back once again, Carousel One will prove highly satisfying. An essential listen.