EP | Oh Stockholm! – All This Will Go

The latest EP from Oh Stockholm! should be proof enough, were it still needed, that their journey from electro-pop to folky loveliness is complete. The last time FFS covered them back in 2011, one of our New Bands Panel members suggested they had not quite settled into themselves, but we can tick that box now.

Michael Hutchinson’s Noah & The Whale-esque vocals and Anna Bennet’s perfectly pitched violin combine to create a rich, warm sound, filled out by the arrival of a new drummer and given a professional gloss on this release through the Young & Lost Club.

Never is that more clear than on the standout ‘We Used To Go Dancing’, the more melancholy song on this five-track EP. The songwriting style itself is nothing new, but when the overall sound is as well-pitched as this, it seems silly to pick holes.