EP | Cara Mitchell – Have You Ever Wondered

There is certainly a very large buzz circulating around the 16 year old Aberdeen songstress Cara Mitchell. Notching up support slots with Gemma Hayes and Pearl and the Puppets, as well as being compared to the likes of Ellie Goulding and Laura Marling, Mitchell’s debut E.P has a lot to live up to. Thankfully for everyone, Have You Ever Wondered more than lives up to expectations.

The title-track immediately introduces the listener to Cara’s trademark sound. Poignant, coming of age lyrics accompanied by lush guitar melodies and a sweet vocal performance provides for a charming opener.

Passing Sun is a lovely, thoughtful number which demonstrates Cara’s guitar playing ability. With such soft, lush tones to her voice, Cara could probably sing the phonebook and have lots of success. It is an added bonus that she is such an accomplished songwriter.

The likeness to Ellie Goulding is evident in Next October, although you could argue that Cara possesses an extra quirkiness to her voice which makes her even more enchanting. My personal favourite on the E.P., it is moving and sincere and lingers in your consciousness for hours afterwards.

The E.P. comes to a close with the delightful Little Birdies. Extremely quirky and expressive, you are swept away in Mitchell’s journey and you can really imagine yourself alongside her in her wonderful little world.

It is difficult to believe that Cara Mitchell is only 16 years old. She possesses a maturity in her music that some of her older contemporaries would kill for. Beautiful lyrics and a wonderfully quirky voice, Cara has all the tools to dominate the female folk scene. A lovely debut.

Words: Carly Goodman