Album | Alberta Cross – Songs of Patience

Alberta Cross have certainly racked up a lot of attention since their acclaimed debut album, Broken Side of Time. Tour commitments with Oasis and Them Crooked Vultures, plus coveted airtime on Radio 1 mean that their latest release, Songs of Patience has a lot of hype built around it. Luckily for the band and listeners alike, the hype is very much justified.

Opening with the sumptuous debut single, ‘Magnolia’, the band immediately showcase their knack for creating a catchy feel-good pop song. The perfect soundtrack for a summer roadtrip, the opener blends breeziness with profound lyrics.

‘Crate of Gold’ demonstrates Alberta Cross’ edgier sound, reminiscent of their old touring partners, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. The album continues with the edgy, yet upbeat sound, always staying loyal to the catch hooks and choruses that have formed the band’s success.

One of the real standout songs on the album is ‘Wasteland’. A song that I’m sure would bring chart success to the band, if released as a single, it is a really great pop song with a wonderful sunny serenity to it. Apparently the recording of this album was quite a struggle, with lots of relocations to numerous studios. Whilst this may be an indicator to songwriter, Stakee’s sincere, contemplative lyrics, there is certainly no sign of the struggles musically as the record flows brilliantly.

The record comes to a serene and beautiful end with one of the highlights of the album, ‘Bonfires’. Stakee’s voice shines through acoustic melodies and haunting choral sounds to affirm that Alberta Cross are a band that should not be ignored.

Songs of Patience more than exceeds expectations. Subtle musicality, blended with lyrical poignancy and warm vocals make this album memorable and a must have for any folk-rock enthusiast. Judging by this release, Alberta Cross are a band who are only going to get bigger.

Words: Carly Goodman