EP | House of Hats – Rivers Will Run

Brighton-based quartet House of Hats have already impressed many with their self-titled debut EP. With their second release, Rivers Will Run, they seem certain to gain even more acclaim. Being dubbed as “Fleetwood Mac meets Crosby, Stills and Nash”, listeners already know that they are in for a musical treat, but they get something extra. The blend of folk and country and western, played by extremely gifted musicians, ensures Rivers Will Run will move and excite the listener.

The EP opens with the title track and immediately impresses with a driving Western sound which is articulated by a brilliantly catchy chorus. One thing that stands out throughout this record, are the beautiful voices on show. The band’s gift for creating a harmony really sets them apart from other folk bands and compliments the sincere, charming songs they have produced.

‘Gold’ takes the EP in a different direction, showing off the bands softer sound. This is a stunning folk song and the vocals are again, mesmerising. The dreaminess of this sound will relax even the most stressed out listener. ‘Never Lost’ continues in a similarly wistful manner and is a personal highlight. Another great thing about this band is how easy they are to listen to. It is not hard to fall in love with House of Hats’ trademark soft, soothing sound.

Rivers Will Run comes to an end with the beautifully sincere ballad, ‘Home is Where the Heart Is’. Noddy’s stunning vocals blend brilliantly with the lush piano tones to produce a dreamy conclusion to this great EP. House of Hats are definitely a band to look out for. Mixing great musicianship, beautiful harmonies and heartfelt lyrics, Rivers Will Run is a charming, striking EP, which will compliment anyone’s music collection. A little gem of a record!

Words: Carly Goodman

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