EP | King Creosote – To Deal With Things

For a three-track EP, there is a fair bit going on here as the prolific Fifer pops his head above the fence once more.

It is instantly recognisable as the work of the good King, distinctive voice and all, but added elements make for a “bigger” sound than one might associate with his traditionally homespun folk. Foreboding deep chords herald the arrival of a percussive beat around four minutes into mammoth opener ‘Ankle Shackles’ in the first striking departure from the norm, with the song driving along for almost 12 minutes in total.

‘What Exactly Have You Done?’ rollocks along on Stray Cats guitars, with a rare solo echoing 2007’s At The WAL, while ‘The Right Form’ – the most traditionally Creosote, but also interestingly the weakest, of the three tracks here – leaves it late to surprise as it fades out with an echoing voice effect.

If you like King Creosote, fear not – he’s not ripping up the formula which has always served him so well. The trademark style honed over well in excess of 40 albums is intact but, by adding to the mix, he has given it a freshness which bodes well for future long-players.

Words: Tom White