Live | Richard Lamy’s A Disgrace @ The Workshop

For-Folk's-Sake | Richard Lamy's A Disgrace | Live

Richard Lamy’s a Disgrace (photo by Douglas Slocombe)

I’m very tardy in writing up an account of this neat little gig at The Workshop, but can’t resist a belated plug: check out Du Bellows, who opened the night with folk-rock-blues passion and verve. lead singer Jade Williams is soulfully at home on stage, and their rendition of ‘Happiness’ brought a tear to the eye.  You can watch a performance here; they’re a band who know how to get down to the emotional root of a song, like a more tipsy, less angry Sparrow and the Workshop, and consequently are wonderful to see live.

Next up, Blushing Melons are a Tom Waits-loving band from Austria, and look like a gothic-folk ghostship captained by The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. They play a startling array of instruments (including an electric violin), and started off a little tentative, but hit their stride with ‘Pirates’, which is great fun. They shouldn’t be shy of performing their material with German lyrics, as ‘Warum’ was one of the best songs of the night; check it out here.

Last up was Richard Lamy’s A Disgrace, whose set lamentably coincided with me having to catch a train, but they made a big impression. ‘Richard Lamy’ is a moustachioed giant with a banjo, a bit like Seasick Steve crossed with Cookie Monster; his band were so comically resistant to his enthusiasm that it was one of the most entertaining performances I’ve ever seen. You can see his moustache for yourself here.

Words by Becky Varley-Winter

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