EP | Slow Skies – Silhouettes

When you’ve been listening to a heap of new music, a mass of unfamiliar tunes, it’s easy for things to start to bleed into one, for the mind to glaze over and stop processing things. Normally, for something to break through in these circumstances, it needs to grab you immediately to avoid drifting away into the white noise. But other times, class reveals itself in other ways. Like when you put on Slow Skies’ Silhouettes EP, the work of Dubliner Karen Sheridan, and receive the musical equivalent of a Swedish massage.

After a couple of years in the hustle and bustle of London, Sheridan returned to her native Ireland to record hew new EP, and it certainly has the feel of someone in their comfort zone, an assuredness that means Sheridan never has to try too hard to get her songs across.

Soft guitars are topped with just the odd dash of strings and harmonium, as well as what Sheridan describes as ‘kitchen cabinet percussion’, but the real healing power is in her mesmeric voice and the soothing songs she sings with it. There’s nothing on hear that would fit the criteria of a lullaby, but they all have roughly the same effect.

Silhouettes isn’t going to jolt you upright, but rather get under your skin with its gently pulsing rhythms, echoing beats, and the sweetest vocals. You might even begin to drift away under its subtle spell, and it’s only when you come around again that you’ll realise how refreshed you feel.

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