Album | BOBBY – Bobby

First things first. ‘Sore Spores’ is majestic. It’s a stunning track, combining Molly Sarle’s angelic vocals with a blissful, mesmeric tune that sounds somehow magical. Quite frankly, it’s one the most beautiful things we’ve heard all year. From the moment FFS first laid ears on the opening bars, something of an obsession not only with the song but with all things BOBBY has developed.
And that was before we’d even heard the album.
But we’re happy to report the self-titled BOBBY does nothing to disappoint. ‘Sore Spores’ is still the track that stands out, the one that even after several dozen plays still bowls you over time and again with its brilliant ease. But BOBBY are no one-hit wonders.
The loose musical collective strung together by Vermont musicial Tom Greenberg – and featuring Sarle and Amelia Meath from the delicious Mountain Man – have created a bewitching album full of undulating rhythms that pull you in different directions even as they lull you into a kind of hynosis.
Most of the 12 tracks here reach or exceed the five minute mark, each one weaving a rich, dreamy tapestry that you want to study over and over again. Getting a review written in timely fashion for the release date has been a challenge, because you get the sense you’ll still be discovering new layers to this album for years to come.

Sore Spores by bobbytheband