Single: Lofty Heights – Eye Contact

Lofty Heights, Greg Griffin to his parents, is about to carve a nice little path out for himself and his debut single, ‘Eye Contact’ is about to set him on his cheery way. The California-born Londoner brings ukeleles, steel guitars, double bass and rickety drums together in a way that instantly tickles a smile.

Album: Mumford and Sons – Sigh No More

Wait no more – possibly the album you have all been anticipating more
than any other this year is finally here – hurray! Sigh No More is
the much-hyped debut album from the folk force charging its way in to
ears and hearts all over the country – Mumford and Sons. 12 tracks of
classic Mumford tunes – think your dad’s old folk records meets Welsh
men’s choir for hilly billy hoe down in a pub in Ireland on a rainy
evening. [Breath!]

The Leisure Society announce single and tour

Soaring wonder-boats of folksome sounds The Leisure Society have announced the release of their new single ‘Save It For Someone Who Cares’ on the 28th of September. This track, inspired by an unsatisfactory experience in the Union Chapel, is a melodic little blinder, and will feature in set lists on the band’s forthcoming tour.

Brian’s Mixtape #6: Birthdays and Rememberances

Rest assured guys, we’ve had words with our owl-in-residence. This is the second time he’s come in woefully beyond his deadline, and frankly this is no time to be slacking, because it’s our BIRTHDAY! Well, our birthday week. FFS has been purveying the finest that the new folk movement has to offer for a whole year, and we reserve the right to be pleased about this for the next seven days. At least.

Q&A: Love Like Fire

Why do FFS interviews always get around to food? Probably cos music and food are our favourite things ever. LoveLikeFire’s Ann Yu is a girl after our own heart, she answers Mary Machin’s questions.

Album: Dawn Landes – Sweetheart Rodeo

Reviews for Dawn Landes’ previous album Fireproof tended towards the “nearly there, give her a year or two” end of the spectrum. The pressure was on: would Landes deliver? Well, probably not, but maybe we’ll give her another year or two. This is a really decent set of songs packed full of interesting sounds, but it doesn’t quite gel as an album.

Album: Drive-By Truckers – The Fine Print

The Drive-By Truckers have carved a career out of creating, what is on first listen, very generic country rock. But once given time by a listener this generic country rock can seep into your heart and become the music that a person will carry with them for their whole life. They are a band that fans will sing about from the highest mountains, but to the rest of the music buying public sound as dull as dishwater. There is no doubt that the Truckers have an amazing ear for a tune that can wrench at the heart, because nobody flukes upon rock ‘n’ roll gold as much as they have, but it’s a delicate tightrope that they walk, and they rarely stray from what they are good at.

Album: Homelife — Exotic Interlude

Homelife’s sound is one I found pretty hard to pin down and analyse. The first track sounds like a band that would play Woodstock with flowers in their hair and peace signs on their guitars. Moving through you hear an intense Hawaiian theme- suddenly you’re transported to a deserted beach on Maui craving a hog roast. Next thing you know the music takes a turn for the modern and you’re at a bohemian house party with people smoking shisha and discussing politics. In other words, this album is fantastic.

Brian’s mixtape #5: Heroes and Villains

Brian has been a right lazy owl this week. Really we’re quite ashamed of him. Not only is he providing you with your Monday playlist on Tuesday, but he’s only gone and made a list of his namesake’s songs.

The thing is, Brian says, lots of people think the Beach Boys are all Surfer Girls, Ba-Ba-Ba Ba-Babara Ann, Fun Fun Fun and that idiot Mike Love writing naive lyrics about girls and cars. Well they ain’t.

Sons of Noel and Adrian and Peggy Sue play free gig this Sunday

This Sunday’s free Bandstand Busk will be a particularly special one, so far as FFS are concerned, featuring as it will two of our very favourite bands. Troubador and -esses Peggy Sue, and bigger-than-a-football team Sons of Noel and Adrian will be appearing at Northampton Square Bandstand from 3pm on Sunday, 6th September.