Gideon Conn

Gideon Conn is based in Manchester, and has been an increasingly familiar face at numerous festivals over the past few years. With his truly unique brand of acoustic rap, folk and hip-hop and his wide-eyed persona, Conn rarely fails to draw a smile from his captivated audience. His repertoire includes heart-warming tales of the mundane and everyday such as FFS favourite ‘The Man Who Drives Around Selling Fish’, as well as delightful single ‘I Want You Around’ and a number of truly stellar covers of bands such as the Black Eyed Peas.

Band: Nick Gosling – drums, percussion, beats; Joe \\”Archimedes\\” Harrison – bass, guitar, keyboard, harmonica; Jon Donohue – guitar, pedals ‘n’ fx, bass, keyboard; Wil Hesketh – decks; JJ Lees – coronet; Dan Hall – trombone.

Influences (he says): Anthony Bourdain and Howard Goodall and Bryn Terfyll.

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