The Little Ones

They Say: \\”All members of the Little Ones lives were intertwined in some way over the years. Whether it was siblings, past bands, hometowns, or childhood friends. There were circumstances that brought these individuals and their feet together. The world may be off its axis, but the stars will inevitably align. The Little Ones, with Sing Song in hand, journey out of City of Angels to bring a new aesthetic. They want you to take a good look outside your window and see what it is like to forget even for just a second. It’s right in front of you\\”.

Influences: The Beach Boys, The Zombies, Os Mutantes, The Kinks.

Band Members: Greg Meyer, Lee Ladouceur, Brian Reyes, Edward Reyes, Ian Moreno


Sing Song (Astralwerks, 2006)

Morning Tide (self-released, 2008).