Gideon Conn

Interview | Introducing…Josephine

Hearing Josephine Oniyama for the first time made us very happy indeed, and forthcoming single ‘What A Day’ had us dancing around and telling all our friends how ace it was. This bodes very well indeed for her debut album…

FFS Interview: Gideon Conn

FFS conducted an embarrassingly protracted email interview with the stupendously heart-warming Gideon Conn this Autumn, but we shall keep it to ourselves no longer. He tells us all about his wide-ranging influences and, most excitingly, his upcoming album.

Gideon Conn documentary on TV tonight

Manchester’s finest folk-hip-hop troubadour is to spread his sweetness on telly boxes all over the country tonight with a folkumentary on Channel M.

The fly-on-the-wall documentary is part of the series ‘Hitting Home’ produced by students at Salford University.

Blissfields announces folktastic line-up

The people at Blissfields have announced the first few acts for the Hampshire festival. And it’s good news for folk fans. Confirmed artists include lovely Laura Marling, marvellous Mumford and Sons, charming Cherbourg, really-very-good Ryan O’Reilly and the brilliant beat-boxing hip-hop folk-funkster Gideon Conn.

Gideon Conn

Gideon Conn is based in Manchester, and has been an increasingly familiar face at numerous festivals over the past few years. With his truly unique brand of acoustic rap, folk and hip-hop and his wide-eyed persona, Conn rarely fails to…