News: Emmy the Great announces new album, Virtue

Long-time FFS favourite Emmy the Great has announced the release of her second album. Virtue, produced by Grizzly Bear producer Gareth Jones, will be released on June 13th.

Two London dates have already sold out but there’s a Salford show at Sacred Trinity Church on 6th June and a third London show on 10th June at St Pancras Old Church. Tickets here.

Speaking about the album, Emmy told NME: “”After I wrote the last album, I felt terrible about having to sing songs about someone I knew so blatantly.┬áSo I tried to write this record based entirely on imaginary situations. Unfortunately it didn’t end up being imaginary in the end because most of the songs are about me.”

She continued: “The first half of the album is about impending doom and the second half is about dealing with the aftermath.”

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