Arcade Fire Reveal Release Date and Artwork For ‘The Suburbs’

It’s finally here – Arcade Fire’s third album, ‘The Suburbs’ is to be released on the 2 August in the UK with a release on the following day for the US. The album can now be pre-ordered from their website.

Confirming via a handwritten note on the band’s website, the band also announced that their first single ‘The Suburbs/Month of May’ is available from today (May 27th) on 12-inch, but it is not yet clear if there are any for sale in the UK.  Both songs from the single can also be streamed on the website (and are very good, and very different to older material). It’s not yet clear whether the artwork displayed above is for the album or the single.

But don’t just take our word for it, read the band’s note and then go and listen to the new songs below.

Click here to stream songs.

Words: Joe Skrebels