EP: The Wave Pictures – Sweetheart

Moshi Moshi is phenomenal. While bigger American labels such as Victory and Epitaph have garnered attention, the small London-based label have been releasing a ton of records from exciting bands such as Tilly & the Wall, Hot Club De Paris, Au Revoir Simone and even current craze Florence and the Machine. Whilst The Wave Pictures may not be as big as some of their former label mates, they certainly share the same loveable sound.
EP opener and title track ‘Sweetheart’ is reminiscent of fellow Moshi Moshi folky types Slow Club, with soft guitars and even softer vocals telling heartfelt stories, it sets a high standard early on. The guitars get heavier for the sweetly titled track ‘Kittens’ whilst ‘I Shall Be A Ditchdigger’ is what Two Gallants might sound like if they were English.
The Wave Pictures literally develop before your ears on this EP even doing a bit of an Artic Monkeys on ‘Cinnamon Baby’ before rounding it off with the same soft folk as the EP started with.
With tales of love and death told in a variety of tones, The Wave Pictures add something different to an already varied labels back catalogue and with a lovely English tint to their songs, they could be the ones to propel Moshi into the big time they so deserve.
Words: Michael Rudge