Premiere | Arielle Eden – U-Turns

Westchester singer-songwriter Arielle Eden is finding her stride in the pop-country scape. ‘U-Turns’ is a slickly produced tune that confidently meshes organic and synthetic instrumentation. Neither one element hogs the spotlight from the other; rather, they’re evenly tended to by the common thread that pulls them together—Eden’s warm, self-assured vocal delivery. The artist’s cozy croon sweetly gels to the radio-ready air of this latest single, all as the track builds towards a cool crescendo that finds itself somewhere between the fray of a banjo and the whirr of something post-Minimoog.

On ‘U-Turns’, Eden tells For Folk’s Sake, “This song planted the seed for my EP called Signs and Signals. Its title, subject matter, and sound have shaped the direction of the whole collection. It’s about the emotional whiplash that is experienced in an on again off again relationship, the ambivalence and challenge of moving on, and the comfort of going back to what is known and familiar. It’s also about the games we sometimes play, waiting for the other person to give us the greenlight to come back.”

Words by: Jonathan Frahm