Premiere | Suzie Brown – Bulletproof

Photo by Alex Berger

Suzie Brown’s ‘Bulletproof’ is instantly relatable for many of us, relaying an empath’s feeling as they navigate the turbulence of the last few years. Musically, it’s an infectious cut of Americana that the artist, cardiologist, and mother tackles with a palpable passion. Building up with a swirl of percussion, keys, and a warm bassline, the song saunters before a powerful chorus. Brown’s vocals soar across the refrain, recalling prime, aughts-era alt-country.

‘Bulletproof’ is from Brown’s latest album, Some See the Flowers, due out on 20 May. She wrote or co-wrote every tune on the LP, drawing from her experiences from her myriad vocations to craft something individualistic, harrowing, and ultimately full of warmth.

She tells For Folk’s Sake, “I was born with my empathy knob turned up to about 12, and it can be painful at times. Deep in the pandemic and political and social turmoil of 2020, I wished I could find a way to feel it all a little less. I wished I could be bulletproof. I wrote most of the song in my office at the hospital on my little travel guitar, in the midst of a particularly hard day.”

Words by: Jonathan Frahm