Premiere | Ren Lawton – Thinking About You

Photo courtesy of A Badge of Friendship

Ren Lawton’s ‘Thinking About You’ is the perfect driving folk tune to kick off the week. With its jangling guitar and punchy verses, the tune recalls iconic rambling troubadours of eras past. Lawton rides a melody in stride on its more reflective chorus before diving straight back into his role as an infectious conversationalist. He’s a compelling frontman with a variety of tricks up his sleeve, meant for musical innovation and having a good time in equal parts. This new single continues the tale of his emotive artistry in such a way.

Lawton’s debut album, Today Today Tomorrow is out 23 February. Ahead of its release, Lawton tells For Folk’s Sake more about his newest cut from off of it. He says, “‘Thinking About You’ is a little warning about the dangers of overthinking things shortly after meeting someone you fancy. You know, when you find yourself daydreaming and creating all sorts of bizarre scenarios where you live happily ever after and before you know it you’re walking in front of a bus because you weren’t paying attention to what you were doing.”

Words by: Jonathan Frahm