Premiere | Ocie Elliott – Coming Home

At the crux of Ocie Elliott are two kindred souls. Jon Middleton and Sierra Lundy continue to harvest their deep artistic connection, sewing it into beautiful, entrancing folk music. The near-spiritual ‘Coming Home’ is a testament to this bond, and the latest following their hypnotic EP, A Place. Sparse, choice instrumentation and gorgeous harmonies make the song instantly click with listeners searching for a light in the midst of uncertainty. Its beauty is in the simplicity of its meditative framework—one of the duo’s most recognizable and well-loved arrangements to date.

‘Coming Home’ arose as a riff and chorus-line that Sierra was working along with,” reflects Middleton. “At first, we felt that perhaps the main phrase of the chorus was too direct and to the point but as the song evolved, and the verse lyrics came, we realized that it fit perfectly with the overall nature of the tune. This song is about the deep, spiritual feeling of having another’s whole being fill one’s own.”

Words by: Jonathan Frahm